Arche Hotel Poloneza, Warszawa
Arche Hotel Poloneza, Warszawa
Long-term stays in Arche Hotel Poloneza - example of sharing economy')" >

Long-term stays in Arche Hotel Poloneza - example of sharing economy

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17 January 2019

If 10 years ago someone supposed that in Polish cities, every day will meet the car provided for a minute? Rental locations cyclists broke into the city hit, and rental systems record more records. For example, in may 2018r. in Warsaw was more than a million one-day change.

Can the sharing economy exist in a hotel with great success?

We will go to the Arche Hotel Polonez in Warsaw Ursynow. The facility with 150 rooms, in the middle, has been prepared for the purpose of long stay. The accommodation units are equipped with a kitchenette with washing machine, dishwasher, glaciers and stove. This is a response to the demand of guests, primarily companies to stay long.

As understood, the philosophy of the sharing economy on the example of the Arche Hotel Poloneza?

First, there may be economic optimization for companies and institutions that need long-term leases. Become involve an employee in property management. Put at your disposal the numbers in a long period, but with the possibility of replacement people live there even every day. This is certainly a preferred option than the so-called private rental where unauthorized remain cases related to safety services typical of hotels such as Breakfast, cleaning the exchange of riverine and pascali, gym or evening integration into the restaurant.
If, however, focus not only on the economy it is financial benefits with long stay appear when we use the services of this hotel more than 7 days a month. On the other hand, SA must be provided for compression any needs that are not the prerogative of traditional hotel services. Like a washing machine or you can cook your favorite dishes.

Sharing economy - it is also an investment in real estate and receive from this passive income. Arche Hotel Polonez-is the project a condo-hotel, where everyone surpluses financial, can carry out investment through the purchase of the room, and since it does not use, share with others. The resulting rent is obtained from the rental of the tuple and long-term is a great addition as a result it is with sharing economy.

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